Nervous Patients

We understand if you might be nervous

Dental Phobia

You are not the only one who is nervous about going to the dentist! Dental phobia is quite normal. It is very common, and we see nervous patients every day so we know how you feel.

We know that many patients feel anxious visiting the dentist perhaps because of previous experiences, stories they have heard or because they haven’t seen a dentist in a long time. We also know that regular dental checkups  will reduce the risk of developing dental problems, reduce the severity of any problems and make treatment of dental problems much simpler.

It is not easy to overcome dental phobia but you’re not alone. We would love for you to let us help you. We are more than happy for you to come in for an informal visit to the practice, to have a tour and to meet us before you book your first appointment with us. Or if you feel more comfortable, we could start with a virtual meeting by Zoom from your own home.

How Anxious are you?

It’s very easy to get caught in a guilt cycle where you have a dental problem that you have ignored, you worry we will lecture you for not coming sooner and you are embarrassed you didn’t come sooner. The problem only gets bigger the longer you leave it. Please do not let this put you off. We have seen many patients who have not been to the dentist for 20+ years! We can promise you we will not lecture you; we have helped many patients through their anxieties and they now come in regularly.

We know how to help our patients to overcome their fears of the dentist. We want you to feel safe, relaxed and listened to in our practice. We ensure that your appointments aren’t rushed so that we can take our time with you to discuss your concerns and deliver the information to you in a way you can understand. We involve you in the planning and decision making so that you are in control and we carry out the treatment at your pace.

If you are nervous about coming to the dentist, please give us a call and we’ll explain all the options for you. Our phone number is 01480 573939. 

How Anxious Are You? – complete our short questionnaire to establish your level of dental anxiety and bring it to your first appointment

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