Routine Dentist Appointments

Our range of dental treatments for routine patients


Hygiene appointments are a great way to keep your teeth clean, maintain fresh breath and remove stubborn stains. Our hygienist will work with you to address, prevent and treat gum disease.

Healthy gums are an essential part of your dental health. The best way to look after them is by keeping your mouth as clean and free from bacteria as possible. Your hygiene appointment involves a full assessment of your gum health, a ‘scale & polish’ and oral hygiene instruction. This leaves your teeth feeling clean and smooth, free from stains and plaque deposits. We will provide you with guidance and advice on how you can maintain your gum health at home.


A crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth and held in place by dental adhesive cement. A crown is used as a permanent restoration for teeth which have broken, had extensive decay or large fillings, are prone to fracture or to improve aesthetics.

The procedure of crown treatment involves the reduction of the tooth size (usually under local anaesthesia) followed by an impression of the prepared tooth. The impression is sent to our laboratory where skilled technicians will fabricate your crown. At the next appointment, the completed new crown is cemented onto the tooth, ensuring harmony with the bite and  good aesthetics.


Fillings can be used to repair decayed, broken, worn or unsightly teeth to restore their natural shape and contour and to protect the tooth from further damage.

White composite fillings provide an aesthetic, natural looking alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings. Thanks to modern advances in dentistry and the materials we use, composite fillings are more durable and longer lasting than ever before.

At Godmanchester Dental the majority of our composite fillings are carried out under rubber dam. This allows us to achieve the best possible bond to your tooth, maximising the longevity of your fillings and preserving as much of your natural tooth as possible. 


Dental bridges are an effective way to replace one or more missing teeth. They normally consist of a false tooth, positioned between two crowns, which slot over the teeth either side of a gap. They are usually made from porcelain fused to a metal or ceramic base, to provide a combination of strength and good aesthetics.

In some cases an adhesive bridge can be an excellent, non-invasive method to replace a single missing tooth. A special adhesive resin is used to bond the bridge onto the adjacent tooth, often with no or very little drilling required.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is the removal of infected pulp tissue within the root of the tooth, disinfection of the pulp canal space and restoration of the tooth.

Having a root canal treatment can save a tooth that would have otherwise need to be extracted. If you have an infected tooth, we can relieve any pain or discomfort by removing the infected pulp and leaving the external tooth intact. We seal off the treated part of the tooth with a filling or crown. The pulp may have been infected or inflamed due to deep decay, extensive restorations or cracks in the tooth.


Dentures are removable false teeth that offer a natural-looking and affordable solution to gaps in your smile. A partial denture can replace just a few lost teeth and a complete denture can be used to restore a whole set of missing teeth. Modern materials mean dentures now look much more natural and offer a comfortable way to replace teeth.

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